Two of my friends and I meet at least twice a week for dinner, just so we can get caught up. The last time we met, we started talking about how we should just look at three bedroom Alamo Heights apartments in San Antonio and move in with each other. It was said as a joke, but we started to really talk about it, and it just made sense. We spend so much time together already, and we get along even better than most friends or even sisters do. The best part though is that we would all save money.

We were all renting separate apartments, and we were really stretching our budgets thin. Getting a three bedroom apartment would mean that we could each cut our bills by at least half, as far as the utilities and rent go anyway. We started looking at different apartments, and the one that is about central to where we all work was the nicest one. We liked the fact that the rooms are all a nice size, plus there is plenty of room to where we would not be getting in each other’s ways all of the time.

The best part for me is that there is a balcony, which is something that I really wished my old apartment had. I am a bookworm, and I knew that I would spend a lot of time on the balcony when I was home alone. Because of that, the other two insisted that I take the master bedroom so I could have the second balcony. That way, it would just be mine. That is the kind of friendship that we have, that we all wanted the others to have the master bedroom and bathroom. It is going to be so much fun living together, and we are all excited about it!