Sometimes you can run into people who will have a positive impact on your lives and you will never expect it. While at the grocery store one evening, I ran into an old friend from college. He was buying food to make dinner for himself and his girlfriend. We started talking about our lives, and he mentioned that he lives in one of the luxury apartments in Tampa. I was living in a small, low cost apartment that barely felt like it was a private residence. Living in that apartment was almost like living in a closet or a jail cell.

My friend told me that I should come over to see the apartments one day and think about moving in. The fact that they were luxury apartments gave me the impression that the apartments were way out of my price range, buy my friend assured me that the cost wasn’t as high as I thought. The following week, I came to the apartments for a tour. The front gate looked like something out of a movie. The community was clean and green. At my apartment, the grass looked like it hadn’t been cut properly, and there was garbage around the bins where people were too lazy to properly throw away their trash.

The inside of the apartments made my own look like a doll house. Just one room of the apartment took up half of my entire apartment. I had never seen a walk in closet before, and I didn’t think apartments could have them, but this one did. It had everything, even its own washer and dryer. I had to go to the ground floor and use a community wash room to do my laundry at my apartment. There was no reason to continue living at my old apartment.