I got tired of working for a company where I was just not happy. It was not that I worked for a terrible boss or anything. I was just not happy with the job that I had, the kind of work that I did. I decided to do something about it, because I could just not picture myself doing something I did not like for the rest of my working years. I did a search for job openings in esports because that is where my passion really is, and I was introduced to a world of job openings that were exactly what I wanted.

There were so many different companies that I really liked that had job postings on this site that I was looking at. Some of the jobs were part time, and some were full time. What stood out though that all were ones that I knew I would be interested in trying, or at least most of them were. For example, an online news organization was looking for a video games and tech journalist while another was looking for a social media intern. Unfortunately, both of those were part time positions, and I definitely needed something with full time hours.

There were plenty of those types of jobs though. The one that I ended up applying for and ultimately getting was as a marketing specialist for exactly the kind of products that I am extremely passionate about. I have the right qualifications as far as education, but more importantly, I am representing a product that I use on a daily basis in my personal life. I get to travel with this job too, which is a perk I wasn’t even looking for. I am finally working at a job that I actually love promoting a product that I know like the back of my hand.