I decided to move to Maryland a few years ago because of my brother. He moved there nearly a decade ago, and he told me I would have better luck finding a job if I moved there. I lived with him for two years, saving up money. When he and his girlfriend decided to get married, I knew that it was time for me to start looking at apartments for Silver Spring MD. It was no big deal living with my brother, but I figured he and his new bride would want to be on their own.

I had a good friend from my work who wanted to move out of her parents’ house at the same time. We decided that we would look at two bedroom apartments together for a couple of reasons. The main one is because we would save money by doing it this way, but we also get along really well too. It also helps that we have opposite schedules, so we would not be together 24/7 either. In fact, there would probably be times where we don’t see each other for days at a time.

When I looked at the floor plans for the apartments at Ashford at Woodlake, I knew that we had found the apartment that we would both be happy with. We also made a compromise. I definitely wanted the master bedroom with the bath attached, but she did as well. We ended up getting the two bedroom unit that has a den, and that is going to be my home office. So, she does get the bigger bedroom and bath, but I get two rooms for the price of one. It works out for both of us, and we are really happy living here. The apartment is great, the amenities are wonderful, and the privacy we each have is priceless.