Amy Chambers

Charity begins at home.

We Are Getting an Apartment Together

Two of my friends and I meet at least twice a week for dinner, just so we can get caught up. The last time we met, we started talking about how we should just look at three bedroom Alamo Heights apartments in San Antonio and move in with each other. It was said as a joke, but we started to really talk about it, and it just made sense. We spend so much time Go On Searching Go On Searching

Finally Working a Job That I Love

I got tired of working for a company where I was just not happy. It was not that I worked for a terrible boss or anything. I was just not happy with the job that I had, the kind of work that I did. I decided to do something about it, because I could just not picture myself doing something I did not like for the rest of my working years. I did a search for Go On Searching