Marketing to the New Generation of Our Customers

Marketing is fierce. There are so many companies out there wanting to help you spin your product into the hearts and minds of consumers everywhere. If you have ever dealt with an advertising budget, you know there is never enough whether you are a mom and pop business or a mega corporation. There is always someplace you can spend advertising money. We were looking at companies like Gromode that could help us brand and present our new product lines to the next generation of customers. We had some flat sales in our aging demographic, and we were updating our products for grabbing the appeal of the next generation now turning 30.

Each generation of consumers has its own quirks and ways of doing things. You have to keep you products and your marketing ideas fresh. Rarely is there a product that can stick with the same advertising routines for decades at a time. Just look at the old TV ads for things such as soda and makeup. Not a whole lot has changed with either product line, but the marketing approach sure has. Mascara is mascara when you look under the hood, but you bottle it and sell it to today's generation of women in a different way than you did back in 1960. The same goes for our product lines.

It does help to have a company on your side to take control of marketing that is hip to today's consumer types. We did not want anything fancy in our advertising. We just wanted a theme that worked to earn us more market share for our product line. We were more interested in something that would produce sales rather than win awards for flashiness or production. It does take some looking around to find a company you can work with for marketing, but once you find one that works out well, you should hang onto them.

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