My Folks Are Moving to Denver

When my parents told me they wanted to retire to Denver, I was so excited. They have lived in Maine for their entire lives, so I didn’t get to see them as often as I would like. I work for a Denver newspaper, so I couldn’t live anywhere other than Denver. They told me they wanted to spend more time with their grandchildren as well as my wife and myself, and I was over the moon about it. My mom had done a search on luxury apartments in Denver CO, and she asked me if I would check out the Gables for them.

I didn’t need to do that though, because I had first hand knowledge of the luxury complex. Continue reading

The Grass is Always More Luxurious

Sometimes you can run into people who will have a positive impact on your lives and you will never expect it. While at the grocery store one evening, I ran into an old friend from college. He was buying food to make dinner for himself and his girlfriend. We started talking about our lives, and he mentioned that he lives in one of the luxury apartments in Tampa. I was living in a small, low cost apartment that barely felt like it was a private residence. Living in that apartment was almost like living in a closet or a jail cell.

My friend told me that I should come over to see the apartments one day and think about moving in. Continue reading

Marketing to the New Generation of Our Customers

Marketing is fierce. There are so many companies out there wanting to help you spin your product into the hearts and minds of consumers everywhere. If you have ever dealt with an advertising budget, you know there is never enough whether you are a mom and pop business or a mega corporation. There is always someplace you can spend advertising money. We were looking at companies like Gromode that could help us brand and present our new product lines to the next generation of customers. We had some flat sales in our aging demographic, and we were updating our products for grabbing the appeal of the next generation now turning 30.

Each generation of consumers has its own quirks and ways of doing things. You have to keep you products and your marketing ideas fresh. Continue reading

I Feel and Look Much Younger

When people find out that I am in my 40s, I think most of them are surprised for a number of reasons. First, I know I don’t look my age at all. A lot of people think that I am in my late 20s, which pleases me to not end. Also, I have more energy than a lot of people half my age. I know that we all have to get older, but we don’t have to let that be a negative thing. I take GenF20 Plus on a daily basis, and it allows me to look and feel much younger than I am.

I know that I have good genes, but that alone is not what helps me. I give a lot of credit to the HGH supplements that I take. Continue reading

ESCAPE ROOM: Hollywire Hosts Get Locked Up! (WEIRD THIS WEEK)

  1. ESCAPE ROOM: Hollywire Hosts Get Locked Up! (WEIRD THIS WEEK)
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    Welcome to the first episode of Weird This Week, where Carly breaks down the weirdest stories and trends of the week! This week, the Hollywire hosts get locked inside a room for fun, Carly fills you in on hooded sweatshirts that turn into pillows, and we uncover a cat video festival! Let’s get weird!

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  3. Last night Bernie Sanders got a little fiesty on Twitter. He tweeted a poll that shows he would crush Trump in a general election. John Iadarola delivers his Final Judgment on Trump getting ‘berned!’

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  5. The reality star dished on everyone in a no-holds-barred sit-down with ET’s Kevin Frazier that encompassed her love life, family ties and more!






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  11. Burlington Mayor Miro Weinberger is blaming Trump’s campaign for issuing more tickets than seats and forcing police to bring in extra officers to control the large crowd. Subscribe to WPTZ on YouTube now for more:

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I Just Found out About Something Strange

It is not like I have not seen a lot of strange things on the web, but I think that this stuff must be close to the tops of it. It is called semenax and the pill is called a volume pill. The obvious intent is to increase the volume of something, in this case they want to make the volume of semen increase. That could be deduced I supposed from the name. It is a strange concept for me, because I just can not figure out why you would want to do this. It is something which seems to have no tangible benefit to me. You just can not see what good it does to have more of the sticky stuff. Continue reading

Hair Loss Due to Thickness Loss Made Worse by Diabetes in Our Family

I have the lightest skin in my family. It gives a brilliance to my dark brown eyes and black hair. I have always liked my shiny hair. As a little girl all my family was amazed at how it made beautiful zig zag patterns as it grew long. Now as I am getting older it makes it hard to find curly hair extensions bundles that match the pattern in which my hair grows. Even if you are not of the same ethnic heritage as me, you probably have seen that curly pattern of hair on many women. It is very noticeable on those of us who have longer hair. You see it a bit in some Israeli girls, it is just not so pronounced. Continue reading